Year: 2014

An Untapped Niche in Nigeria – Security Gadgets Industry

The wake of unemployment in the Country has perpetually made us to be in constant search of businesses that we can venture into and gain a mastery over it, of course be known as major dealers in the industry. I have personally being in such quest, and just recently a close friend of mine, Mr […]

Creating Packages on WHM – Quite Easy!

In my previous Post on How To Host A Website on A Remote Server Using WHM – Hassle Free Approach!, I did mention selecting from options on an already re-configured packages found on your WHM, however most Reseller Web Hosting Companies do not that for their clients so i promised taking you through the steps required […]

cPanel At a Glance!

cPanel has long become a tech-name associated with Web hosting as it is a Unix based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site. cPanel utilizes a 3 tier structure that provides capabilities for administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners to […]

How to Design All Kinds of Website Using Quickstart

HOW TO INSTALL A QUICKSTART TEMPLATE OF JOOMLA This technical release is done as a result of several request from club members who want to get the know- how on setting up joomla quickstart template. The joomla quickstart template is a pure joomla installation process just that it has preconfigured premium modules at choice […]

Are You Optimizing Google Search Usage?

Google, is one strong brand that cannot be expunge in the minds of billions when it comes to web technologies and tools, yet i notice that few are actually optimizing its usage in getting whatever they need, as Google delights in offering solutions of any kind, providing solutions free for the Global village. Truly is […]

Are You Willing to Do Whatever it Takes to Succeed?

When you first made contact with this title what struck your mind? Guess you were already struggling to rationalize to what extent you are ready to go to succeed! You may possibly have been saying to yourself, yes I would not want to do anything unethical to succeed, I would not want to go against […]

Take Charge! As the Web Industry Rocks

Have you wondered why so much attention on the web industry these days, especially web site designs and this going for a relatively affordable pricing. This is so because many are just realizing how less technical and no much of education needed for them to easily get a website running. Others still think that only […]