Are You Optimizing Google Search Usage?

Google, is one strong brand that cannot be expunge in the minds of billions when it comes to web technologies and tools, yet i notice that few are actually optimizing its usage in getting whatever they need, as Google delights in offering solutions of any kind, providing solutions free for the Global village.
Truly is challenging sometimes to attempt to exhaust all that Google offers, but i shall guide you as we shall together from time to time put some of Google technologies and tools to use.

Find below a step by step guide on how to use Google with some specific Techniques that shall give customized or filtered results.

Should you want google to give you all kinds of Search Results relevant to your searched Keywords or Phrase without restrictions, quickly adjust this at settings panel:




Here are other techniques that you can use to truncate your result fast and precise to your needs:

  1.  Type in Google :- samsung mobile Result :- the words “samsung” and “mobile”
  2.  Type in Google :- cycling OR boating Result :- either the word cycling or the word boating
  3. Type in Google :- “love me tender” Result :- the exact phrase love me tender
  4. Type in Google :- printer -inkjet Result :- the word printer but NOT the word inkjet
  5.  Type in Google :- fast & furious +2 Result :- movie title including the number 2
  6. Type in Google :- ~angry Result :- looks up the word angry and synonyms
  7. Type in Google :- define:serendipity Result :- definitions of the word serendipity
  8.  Type in Google :- how now * cow Result :- the words how now cow separated by one or more words

Let Google become your online calculator, quite interesting…..


  1.  – subtraction; Type in Google :- 978-456
  2.  + addition; Type in Google :- 500+250
  3.  * multiplication;Type in Google :- 500*250
  4.  % of percentage;Type in Google :- 50% of 100
  5. / division;Type in Google :- 500/250
  6. ^ raise to a power;Type in Google :- 6^10
  7. old in new (conversion)Type in Google :- 45 celsius in Fahrenheit

Let google be the search machine for your website….

  1. site:(search only one website)Type in Google :- “invisible web”
  2.  link:(find linked pages)Type in Google :-
  3. #…#(search within a number range)Type in Google :- samsung mobile $200…$300
  4. daterange:(search within specific date range)Type in Google :- bosnia daterange:200508-200510
  5. safesearch: (exclude adult content)Type in Google :- safesearch:breast cancer
  6. info: (find info about a page)Type in Google :-
  7. related: (related pages)Type in Google :-
  8. cache: (view cached page)Type in Google :-
  9. filetype:(restrict search to specific filetype)Type in Google :- zoology filetype:ppt
  10. allintitle: (search for keywords in page title)Type in Google :- allintitle:”nike” running
  11. inurl:(restrict search to page URLs)Type in Google :- inurl:chewbacca
  12. (specific domain search)Type in Google :-,,, etc.
  13. site:country code (restrict search to country)Type in Google :- “rio de Janeiro”
  14. intext:(search for keyword in body text)Type in Google :- intext:parlor
  15. allintext: (return pages with all words specified in body text)Type in Google :- allintext:north pole
  16. book(search book text)Type in Google :- book The Lord of the Rings
  17. phonebook:(find a phone number)Type in Google :- phonebook:Google CA
  18. bphonebook: (find business phone numbers)Type in Google :- bphonebook:Intel OR
  19. rphonebook:(find residential phone numbers)Type in Google :- rphonebook:Joe Smith Seattle WA
  20. movie:(search for showtimes)Type in Google :- movie:wallace and gromit 97110
  21. stocks:(get a stock quote)Type in Google :- stocks:ncesa
  22. weather:(get local weather)Type in Google :- weather:40000

Should there be any challenge you have I would be glad to assist you.

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  • edafieta Kennedy

    April 1, 2014 @ 6:49 am

    I like Google a lot for it’s effectiveness and very fast too. it gives you all that you need with ease. Google search is reliable.

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