About Me

ABOUT Joshua Johnson

The Hunger To Survive!

Literally speaking, the hunger to survive has pushed me to explore and master several arts of Financial Surviving.

Acquiring several skills and been on the continuous journey to learn to add more and more into the skill-set is the sure way I have discovered that keeps one afloat, and truly defines the Multi-Stream Income Path.

It is my desire to use my blog and several other digital footprint to inspire and empower as much persons who would be interested in experiencing this rewarding and exciting Entrepreneur Journey.

Am Actively Into Digital Marketing

Got several Saas solutions, with my industry driven Mobile Marketing Saas (mobilejara.com), Facebook On-point Marketing Solution (Adsmartly.net), Interactive Media Solution (Cubeet.io), Digital Telephoning (phonekit.io), Stock Media collections (Stockrush.io & megastocks.org), Mobile First Page Builder (linkyve.io) and Several line up of solutions under my direction, Would be a great support and guide into any digital brand positioning you may need.

Am Your Go-to Guy With Security/Surveillance Solutions

With several enterprise security surveillance infrastructure deployed across corporate facilities and individual homes, I am certainly that dude you need for all your spy, surveillance, security Gadgets, Access Control Systems And Intercom Solutions.

Why Partner With Me?

Our connecting together for the purpose of any business benefits, would be a worthwhile experience as my years of industry exposure will synergize all that may be required to give our concept the boost.

Gym 95%
Yoga 90%
Body Building 95%
Swimming 80%