Month: January 2015

The 2015 – Security Installation Boot Camp -Port Harcourt (Batch 1)

The 2015 – Security Installation Boot Camp -Port Harcourt (Batch 1), was Wow! I Never Expected the Uncontrolled expressions of Satisfaction and Joy that were written on the Faces of 21 SMART Nigerians, on the 16th of January 2015. What Baffled me the most was getting to learn that some representatives were present that were […]

Solve A Problem And Make Money – Keeping It Corporate!

In my last post I told you that i had an urgent request for Electronic Attendance system, from a prospect, the request came so Hot that i was asked to send in a Quotation immediately. I had to consciously defile the rule of requesting for site survey before putting up the quote because of the […]

You Can Do It Yourself (DIY) – Is Not Difficult!

What is Technical? Today most Nigerians wants to shy away from any task that is described as being technical, to most persons, just the word technical conjures a thought of being difficult! To an extent that is true, but not to make you shy away from getting to know how it should be done. Technical […]

You Cannot Remain Pocket Dry With Skill!

The life of a growing man is packed filled with challenges. As a young teenager trying to picture how life would be like when one grows into adulthood have sometimes been hazy or would I say I had always shy away with consoling expressions as: “It shall be Well and I go make am”, realities […]