You Cannot Remain Pocket Dry With Skill!


The life of a growing man is packed filled with challenges. As a young teenager trying to picture how life would be like when one grows into adulthood have sometimes been hazy or would I say I had always shy away with consoling expressions as: “It shall be Well and I go make am”, realities were gradually surfacing as years were fast grinding by and necessities of life were not just to be played down.

 “I have some bills to pay!”

When I first had that said by a friend some years ago, whom I would describe then as being of the working class, it was quite interesting, it took me sometime to try to figure out what and what could he have considered to say he had some bills to pay, of course then I was of the “Mummy thank you category”

Now a Man, Not Necessarily Mummy Thank You again!

The life of a man lies in his ability to stand up to the responsibility of caring for his everyday needs without unnecessary dependence; those needs are what consummate Paying The Bills!

Just this past Sunday I felt so touched when an elder cousin of mine confided in me describing how painful he feels calling for assistance from anyone to help him pay up some incurred bills, even as insignificant as a Mobile Recharge Card after he LOST HIS JOB!

Lost His Job!

I had at a spot retrospect of Friends, colleagues and even my little exposures with the put to use monetize-able practical skills, they’ve not really gone that dead broke, yes, I mean my friends and colleagues who are also in the industry of Put to use Monetize-able Practical Skills, and I hardly could recall when I was such. I arguably concluded within myself that SKILL Pays!


Here is an excerpt from July 11, 2014 buttressing the need for skills.


With an easy to monetize Skill You cannot be dead broke, or what do you think? You can share your experience using the comment box.

My long experience in the industry of Putting Skills to Pay Your Bills works; it has been working and will continue working. It is the wheels of any Economy.

Am happy doing what am doing, because it pays my bills, but the joy is am ready to show you how am doing it. Am showing to just a smart few how am Getting The Security Industry Pay My Bills For Me.

Security Gadget Installation Can Pay Your Bills! Its Paying Mine!

The Know-How of Installing Security Gadgets is a Skill – It is any Easy To learn Skill, You can Do It Yourself.

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