You Can Do It Yourself (DIY) – Is Not Difficult!

What is Technical? Today most Nigerians wants to shy away from any task that is described as being technical, to most persons, just the word technical conjures a thought of being difficult! To an extent that is true, but not to make you shy away from getting to know how it should be done.

Technical conjures a thought of being difficult!

The industry is today flooded with The Do It Yourself Offers, this has really bridged the Gap, it has successfully worked on our psychology, calmed our nerves and insight us with this courage; I Can Do It After All!


Being in the industry I have seen and I have personally made such offers, especially the booming business of web designs, showing people how to design professional Websites of all Kinds without learning how to write Codes.

Write Codes? – DIFFICULT!

Following my experience in the industry i have also come to appreciate that  behind what is described as Do It Yourself, That is not Difficult, There are always associated Deductive Reasoning – (Logical Reasoning), if you must do outstandingly well and be successful in what you are doing.

Hence I can tell you with Authority that Tasks That You would describe as being Technical Are Not Necessarily DIFFICULT! But  only require some Logical Reasoning for you to be successful.

The Successes of Life is a Product of Do It Yourself! Little wonder The renowned writer Napoleon Hill Could say: It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.”

It Pays to Spend Less To Get More! In fact that is the Application of the Long aged Principle of 80/20 by Vilfredo Pareto.

Spend Less To Get More!

The Psychology of Do It Yourself is an application of using less to Get More, It reduces your learning curves, the amount of time, money and other resources you needed to invest to get something done.

That is why the Technology industry is incomparably doing well. With the invent of the Plug n Play TechnologyIs a technology that facilitates the discovery of a hardware component in a system without the need for physical device configuration or user intervention in resolving resource conflicts. This means that handling Plug n Play devices or equipment are not difficult, You Can Do It!

The Security Technology industry is one filled with several devices that are Plug n Play equipment, they are not difficult to handle as you may already be anticipating, You Can Do It!

The Gains, are just too many, you spend less than N10,000 and less than 48Hours to Get exposed to a System that would Pay You Over N50,000 in every less than 24Hours invested into implementation. That is about less than 20% input to get a System that can be raking You Over 80% of Income Successes! SMART Right?

As am writing this Post am also preparing a Quotation for a Company at Trans Amadi who called requesting That I give them a quotation on Electronic Attendance which I recommended could also be linked with Access Control, I tell you the quotation will be running into N100,000, but I shall only use less than N60,000 to get it done. I shall show you proves in my next post.

The Attendance and Access Control is a great booming request from most Corporate firms globally, here is a statistical prove:accesscontrol

Its just about 7 days to go to acquire this system that leaves you empowered, that makes you use just 20% of your input to get over 80% of success.

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