Creating Packages on WHM – Quite Easy!

In my previous Post on How To Host A Website on A Remote Server Using WHM – Hassle Free Approach!, I did mention selecting from options on an already re-configured packages found on your WHM, however most Reseller Web Hosting Companies do not that for their clients so i promised taking you through the steps required to configure your first package options for your hosting offers.


Let me quickly take you to the configuration panel for setting up packages.

upon successful login into your whm control panel as would be accessed through:, you would find this:


Then you would have to click on the Menu Packages


Here is what you would find next:


Here you would need to Click on Add a Package as seen above, you could add as several packages as you would need. Find below the actually parameters you are required to provide to setup your first Web hosting Package for your offers to clients:

whmpanel4 whmpanel5 whmpanel6

At the first field request you are to provide a package Name, which name could be Economy Hosting, with this option you want to limit some resources and make your hosting offer affordable to persons with little money.

Next Category has to do with how much Resources you want to make available to clients who would be going for your Economy Hosting offer, at this point you decide if you want to give them unlimited access to your resources but that would be dangerous and market crashing!

For Disk Quota you specify how much disk space you want them to get at an Economy offer, which could be 5GB HDD or more. So the next time you find a hosting company offering you 5GB Hosting space for about NGN10,000 this is exactly what they did to limit you usage and make more money from the system.

Next parameters have to do with Monthly Bandwidth(MB), Max FTP Accounts, Max Email Accounts, Max Email Lists, Max Databases, Max Sub Domains, Max Parked Domains, Max Addon Domains, and more others. Most cases your Hosting Super Provider like provides you the several parameters settings and how to customize yourself.

On the Settings category you can leave all that are their at their default selection, once satisfied with your setup all you need do next is to hit on the Add button and you are done setting up a Package for your hosting Plan.

To create several offers all you need do is to repeat the processes above and give it a different Package Name and different Resources settings, so you could decide to have 3 or 4 package offers such as Professional Hosting with some increased Resources from what you already have on your Economy Hosting offer, next Could be Advanced Hosting with some further increased Resources from the Professional Hosting package but attractive to lure, and thereafter a Reseller Hosting Package where you can choose to leave everything on unlimited resources to also allow your Sub-resellers to play around the provided resources and make money for themselves.

So that’s that about creating Packages on WHM, which packages would be later presented as different Hosting Plan Offers through your WHMCS, which further automate the system.

How encouraging it would be if you share your ideas about this post and educate more persons with your thoughts.

if you have questions or further explanations it would be my delight to do so.

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