How to Design All Kinds of Website Using Quickstart


This technical release is done as a result of several request from club members who want to get the know- how on setting up joomla quickstart template.

The joomla quickstart template is a pure joomla installation process just that it has preconfigured premium modules at choice positions and plugins as the case may be, this allow a designer to get a certain desired site look which he or she can further tweak to meet a need.


Am assuming you have already created a database from either your localhost server (WAMP, XAMPP or AMPPS) or your remote server with required database name, User, Password and assigned privileges.


Locate your downloaded Quickstart Template and study the directory structure and make sure you extract the Right Directories and Files to your PublicHtml, Httpdoc or www root directory as you would on a fresh joomla instatllation.

Find some screenshot:





Having transferred this to your server for public view when you go to the web domain on your web browser, the installation process will initiate as you would find the following screenshots:


Above is your screen1 where you select Language of your choice, while immediate below gives the screen2 which conducts a pre-check on your server to confirm if it meets the joomla Installation requirement.


The screen below shows the GNUL License Agreement Statement Which you Hit the NEXT:>>>

Button to show your agreement.




The screen above shows the Database connection interface, which you provide the whole Database parameters.

The screen below shows the FTP parameter setup interface, you can ignore this.



q8 q99


Please the Circle Above is very important, make sure the button Install Sample Data is clicked for it to install and show Installation Successful. That is what ensures that your Quickstart Template appears exactly the way you admired it when you first saw it.

Upon hitting the NEXT:>>> Button, the instruction Pops for you to the delete the installation directory.


Please I  do hope this technical instruction with its illustration do assist you to have a successful Joomla Quickstart installation Process.

You can view accompanying video here to allow you get a clearer picture of what you ought to do to have a successful joomla Quickstart installation:  

Please do not fail to share your thought so we all learn together. 

Should you have further challenges going about your joomla environment I would advice you go for a complete courseware on joomla and others at a very affordable price.


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  • edafieta Kennedy

    April 11, 2014 @ 5:31 pm

    this is great, with this info designing a website is very easy. thanks for educating me

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