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7 Days ICT and Mobile Business Empowerment Mentoring – Day 3

Here is The Day 3 of the Most Sort after Course which most Nigerian Gurus Offer For a Price as high as N20,000 for Just a Day and off you Go, even a Foreign Counterpart offers it for 285 Euros / day, which is about N60,000/day. Here I am offering it For Free! Not Just […]

How to Design All Kinds of Website Using Quickstart

HOW TO INSTALL A QUICKSTART TEMPLATE OF JOOMLA This technical release is done as a result of several request from www.hostjara.com club members who want to get the know- how on setting up joomla quickstart template. The joomla quickstart template is a pure joomla installation process just that it has preconfigured premium modules at choice […]

Take Charge! As the Web Industry Rocks

Have you wondered why so much attention on the web industry these days, especially web site designs and this going for a relatively affordable pricing. This is so because many are just realizing how less technical and no much of education needed for them to easily get a website running. Others still think that only […]