7 Days ICT and Mobile Business Empowerment Mentoring – Day 3

Here is The Day 3 of the Most Sort after Course which most Nigerian Gurus Offer For a Price as high as N20,000 for Just a Day and off you Go, even a Foreign Counterpart offers it for 285 Euros / day, which is about N60,000/day. Here I am offering it For Free! Not Just for A Day, But a Whole 7 Days, So you fully Grasp it and start implementing. I Want to Prove a Market Formula That is Already Working For Me – I Make Money Offering You This Mentoring For Free! So You Owe Me Nothing If You Choose not to Take It Serious and Ask Questions and Request For Live Online Support. You Owe yourself The Determination To Make It Work For You.

Find the Introductory Content Here , Here is The Day 2 Part A and Day 2 Part B

This Day 3 section is not in the outline as well as the subsequent 4 that shall be published, I just thought about it so nothing is left uncovered, to make you are rounded and ready to start your first premium website. This Day 3 is the most deployed system that most premium website designs you find on the web are based on, is called a QuickStart Joomla Setup System.

Attached is the link where you could download your own QuickStart packed for practice : hostjara.com follow along and do your installation.

Quickstart is the Secret in Creating any Kind of Premium Looking Website, shall further on its customization on the Day 4 release, until that release do not fail to show your support and appreciation by taking few seconds to scroll to the last of this page to leave a comment and a question for further engagement.




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