Take Charge! As the Web Industry Rocks

Have you wondered why so much attention on the web industry these days, especially web site designs and this going for a relatively affordable pricing. This is so because many are just realizing how less technical and no much of education needed for them to easily get a website running. Others still think that only a web developer who has spent 2-4 years of extreme code study can setup a website.

But the light of technology awareness is now be shone on the pathways of so many smart Nigerians that the excitement even leads to them taking the pains to setup a bespoke Website for Clients as low as NGN15,000 just to have records of clients. The beauty is, they get themselves empowered and control their cash inflow. These smart ones avail themselves to basic instructional manuals that allows them to put their creativity to work.

The most widely use framework is called Content Management System (CMS) and a large variety of them are Open Source, meaning you don’t need to pay money to acquire. Definitively all dynamic websites or web applications are designed as Content Management System, but the commonly used CMS are:

Joomla – www.joomla.org

WordPress – www.wordpress.org

Drupal – www.drupal.com

Magento – www.magento.com

Prestashop – www.prestashop.com

In recent times Joomla and WordPress have made wave in the commercial and Corporate Website designs of any sort while Magento remains an invaluable framework to build any kind of Ecommerce Website like www.konga.com.

Indeed the industry Rocks with so many tools you spend little or nothing to quickly setup a professional Website and make your cash paid to you for services.

[highlight]But the Concern is, Are You Ready To Take Charge in The Industry?[/highlight]

The resources are just so much to get you empowered into business, to take charge and start offering professional services. To truly empower, Proinsight Technologies through her product [highlight]www.hostjara.com[/highlight] offers a club membership to Premium Quickstart Template for Joomla, WordPress, Magento valued at over $1000 for one year cycle benefit of just NGN8000.

To continuously empower  greater Nigerians Supremeweb Solutions LTD  with Proinsight Technologies shall soon be launching [highlight]www.guruvideos.com [/highlight] a platform that will allow you learn any kind of skill and build confidence in yourself and get it done professionally on your own.

Until then Get this free copy of How to Setup a Professional Website Using Joomla Framework that was prepared as an empowerment to University Students.

Learn How To Design Professional Website With Joomla
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