An Untapped Niche in Nigeria – Security Gadgets Industry

The wake of unemployment in the Country has perpetually made us to be in constant search of businesses that we can venture into and gain a mastery over it, of course be known as major dealers in the industry. I have personally being in such quest, and just recently a close friend of mine, Mr Paul Nwamanna who passed out from the NYSC camp last year, now in full search of a permanent Job offer, last week on Facebook chat requested that I recommend a nice and lucrative business he could venture into. i-need-business


The trend-shift is quite precedent upon the realization that there are no much Jobs available for our ever growing millions of work force how much more to say about our ever vibrant new graduates. May be  this will further evoke your thinking:



The image above was not a converging of FIFA world cup spectators, rather it was our Brothers, Sisters, Fathers and Mothers who went all-out to write the Nigeria Immigration Recruitment Service Screening Exam 2014.  

The Fact: There are no much Jobs available globally, would we then fold arms and wait for the Jobs to come our way? Then you will realize that daily bills and family concerns do not check to know your financial status quo , they only get to see when you live-up to your expectations.


My Revelation: Do you know that in Nigeria the Installation of CCTV/ IP ? 3G Cameras for Homes, offices and Business premises surveillance is considered to be a requirement by the highly placed in the society? But that its a FALLACY!

The Truth is that the few Technical Nigerians who got the know-how in acquiring and installing these devices consciously hike the prices, that is because they understand the Market trend in the country hence they utilize the necessary marketing formulas to make their huge profits. That is why it is believed that only those with large bank account or income can Install a basic CCTV|IP|3G cameras.

You can as an individual have it installed in your little business, which will increase productivity as persons working for you would always have the consciousness that you are monitoring their activities.

They are not really expensive as most technicians have made it to appear, thereby scaring many from venturing into it.

Let me give you a quick prove from my Partnered Manufacturer October 2014 Price List Catalog :

request 2


request 3


From the above it shows clearly that these cameras can be gotten at a price less than N10,000 but from our local Vendor they start bargaining this same cameras at a price from N40,000 upwards, same with the NVR (Network Video Recorder) a device which the IP cameras are connected to.

The Business: Many Nigerians are still not aware of this fact and several Companies and individuals are recently embracing the need for a Security Camera surveillance installation. The installations are not too technically demanding, with a little guide You Can Start Doing it Yourself! 

Imagine that you are among the smart few who are unlocking this business secrete!

Imagine that you could hold an audience out of the over 170 million Nigerians and create a market and a stable business for yourself in the Security industry!


Many smart colleagues are doing it and I am ready to show you how am doing mine! Do you know that you can make steady revenue by just being a product distributor to the local vendors in the market?

I and my colleagues have carefully organized and scheduled a 1 Day Boot Camp that shall guide you into this Business success and get the formula on how I have been successfully bringing in these products and installing for Companies and individuals.

We shall Reveal to You all the Secrets You Need to Know to Become a Major Dealer in The Security Gadget Industry!

Go Now and Get Your Seat Reserved with an Instant Discount of N5000 if you are Just Learning about this Now! Just for This Week! Call: 07034534116 | 08189546600 or mail:

Watch a message from one of my Partnered Manufacturer about our Security Installation Boot Camp: 



You can mail, call and drop a comment here should you have any doubts or further enquiries to make, am ready with my colleagues to guide you to success.

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