How To Host A Website on A Remote Server Using WHM – Hassle Free Approach!

Many newbies really worry about how to go about managing their hosting server resulting to hosting of several clients websites. To most newbies it may appear to be one high tech skill investment to get it done. But the truth is hosting of websites is just as easy as the regular few clicks you initiate from your mouse and supplying of relevant information as parameters required by your server.

What i mean is this friend;

Hosting a website is providing information to a server questionnaire which is just filling out a form and providing it all its requesting from you. Once you get the information Right, the Remote Server does the Automation for you and in seconds your domain is already hosted. Very easy right? Yea it is dude!

I don’t want to hold it here I want you to get it done yourself the next time you have a need to host a website or get it done for a client you sourced out for.

So find below some few steps accompanied with diagram illustration from our premium Reseller Web Hosting Panel:

The interface you would be going about soon is called the WebHosting Manager (WHM) it is a flexible and easy to use control Panel (cPanel) program designed to administer server-side processes through few clicks and right information proviision.

Lets now login together.


You would get to see an interface like that above when you access your own acquired link such as:

Note: Getting the link just as its above would mean that you would need to pay or buy a domain name, which normally ranges for as low as N1,500 to N15,000 or more for some special domains. You can always pay for this domain name with any provider you tend to be comfortable with in his service provision style.


You have just gotten your new domain name registered and paid for through a service provider called Domain registrar, but your domain name is not yet hosted or given an apartment or allocation, this is where your WHM plays a role in allocating a remote space for your domain name which is now your new identity.

Having logged into the WHM interface, Next you locate where the Tab Account Functions is or hit straight at the Create a New Account menu found at the left-pane of the WHM logged-in window. Find below what you would see:


Once clicked on the Create a New Account, a form page comes out that looks like this:

create1 create2 create3


At the Domain field you are required to just supply the Domain you have already gotten registered, eg;

At the Username field you are only required to choose a username that you would subsequently need to log-in with into your control panel, though the system automatically suggest a username from the supplied domain, which you can always modify to what you want it to become.

At the Password field you are here required to provide a strong password which you would use along with the username to always log-in into the control panel.

At the Email field you are required to provide an already valid existing email address you have access to, as the Remote Server Configuration details shall be sent to that email for your reference.

Notice that you have supplied the necessary information your Remote Host Server needs for the category Domain Information. 

Next is about what your remote host server offers that you want, this takes us to Package.

With the Choose Package option you select what you have earlier pre-configured or your super administrator may have done that already for you to further ease the processes, just as its done at reseller server provision. Normally the Package has a tab you can create it as the options required are not always their at default.In subsequent How-to series I shall also show you how easy it is to get that done if your own provider does not always get that fixed for you.

At the next category which is settings you can be relax there as the system always sets a default for it upon selection of a package option.

The Next category is the DNS Settings again you can let this be at its default selection if only a pre-configuration was done to assigning a Domain Name Server (DNS) to your panel, again don’t be worried am also going to show you how easy that is too in subsequent posts.

The Next Form category, Mail Routing Settings you should leave it at the Local Mail Exchanger which is the default selection, unless instructed otherwise by your server.

You are now a click away from Hosting your first website, at this point all you need to do is hitting the Create Button and your Remote Server takes it up from their and implement the server configuration parameters you have supplied it, it automatically create a host file directory system with an access to another panel which the cPanel access that would allow you manage the resource allocation that has been assigned to the domain you just hosted.

You have finally hosted a website, you use to think it was one difficult tech skilled stuff right? Now i see the smile on your face.

Don’t forget to drop a comment if this was helpful to you or if you find it more confusing as you use to think it was. If you have some further explanation to give to some terms here you can go ahead and educate others in our audience.

You can also drop your request of what you would like me post about. Who knows i may release some business secrets that will allow you earn some residual income from the system.

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