Setting Up Your Private Domain Name Server Without Paying An Extra Cost!

In my previous Post I did mention taking you by the hand to guide you on how to setup your own Private or Custom Domain Name Server, without having to Pay your provider or anyone a Penny!

Setting up a private Domain Name Server has always been the request of most business entrepreneurs venturing into the Webhosting Business. It is a strong branding selling point as tech clients who are always passionate with details get easily converted with such.

What really is Private Domain Name Server?

Anytime you use the whois tool ( which allows you to check on the host server registry details, you would find an entry display of NS1 andNS2 as seen below:

PrivateNameSerUsually the ns1 and ns2 points to your host name server as seen in mine which is and Tech clients who has ventured into the webhosting business and which to be reselling hosting to their own clients always strongly recommend that they get their own private name server that would be at and as the case may be. But interestingly most service providers usually want to use this request to get more money from their Reseller clients because they know that they don’t have idea on how to go about it.

Don’t Pay The Penny AGAIN!

Whenever you ping any and it usually resolves to two (2) close-range IPs but dissimilar by the last or a given digit from the other. The IPs are usually made available by your service provider(Host) or you could just smartly ping the two ns1 and ns2 addresses to get the associated IPs to the server. For example if you Pinged my and these are the IPs you will get:

ip1IP2Let me not assume you can access the program that did the pinging, though is something you know; it is the command prompt which you can always access as cmd from the Start Windows PoP-up Menu search Bar, once it calls it up you type in the ping -t, it quickly resolves the address to its true identity which is 198.136.186 and that of is 198.136.187, here you notice that they are similar but differentiated with an increment of one as 186 and 187. With these details if i am your service provider or you are also getting from my server you can now setup your own private name server.

The Process starts with your domain Registration!

Once you have access to your domain registration panel you can achieve this! The truth you have the RIGHT to your Domain Name Access!

So Let’s now get it done together:

I have a client who requested for our Reseller Hosting Pack with a domain: as well as his own Private Domain Server Name. Here is what happens:

Step 1:

I Have successfully Registered his domain, I will then proceed on the WHMCS Panel to the Domain details:

clic1You click on the Link: Manage Nameservers from the drop-down menu belonging to the required domain.


cli2It shows you the already assigned Nameservers, proceed and click on Management Tools link above:

cli3Then Click on the Link: Register Nameservers, it takes you to the panel as seen below:

clic4That is the area you need, from there you can then proceed to supply the parameters given to you by your provider or that which you smartly got.



Just as seen above all you needed to type in is the sub-name “ns1” with its respective IP address and “ns2” with its respective IP address, at each instance you always Hit the Save Changes, You would always Get a Notification Confirmation of Nameserver Added.

We have just done the first phase of setting up our private Nameserver, we need to proceed to the 2nd and final step to synchronizes it to the server.


Step 2:

At the final stage we would create an A record file on the Server, to do so we would have to login to the cpanel of our hosted domain, through the link:

after successful login you goto The Domain Section of your cPanel Tools:

ArecordsClick on The Simple DNS Zone Editor to Add an A record, here is what you see:

Arecords2On the Add an A Record, only type in “ns1” and hit on the tab key on your keyboard or simply move your cursor to the next field space which is the Address, the initial Name Space which you only Typed in “ns1” will automatically add-up other extension as seen above. Repeat same for “Ns2” as well.

At the Address space Type in the corresponding IP Address Just as I did above thereafter Hit the Add a Record Button. And that its done.

If successfully done here are the records you see:

Arecords3At this time you can leave the system for the next 2-3Hours to allow it propagate and then use the Command Prompt Program to ping your Newly Created Private Name Server to Confirm if it would resolve to the IPs you have pointed them to, if it does read as was shown earlier, then BRAVO!

You Have successfully Setup Your New Domain Name Server Without Paying any Penny to anyone, Which You Can Now use to Setup your Personal Clients and Brand Yourself without your clients knowing where or who is providing you services.

Please drop your comment or question let me know how you feel about this Post.

I my next Post I shall talk about an untapped Business Niche in Nigeria, but fear I don’t missed it you can quickly Pave open the curtainĀ  here!


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