What Concerns Donald J. Trump with SMS Short Code?

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Just wondering how much you know about SMS Short code and how it relates to your business success?

Maybe Donald J. Trump’s use of an SMS Short code in his Presidential Campaign as a Republican aspirant will further expose an untapped Gold Mine – SMS Short Code.

Are you wondering:

What concerns Donald J. Trump with an SMS Short Code?

You are missing the connect right, a Political Presidential aspirant with an SMS Short Code?

Let me tell you what Donald J. Trump is doing.

Donald J. Trump printed on all his campaign materials: Text “Trump” to 88022 , Make America Great Again, Get Exclusive Updates, Text “Trump” to 88022 and several other information attached to ‘ Text “Trump” to 88022

As seen below:

Donald-Trump-Short-Code-88022-Example-6 Donald-Trump-Short-Code-88022-Example-3 Donald-Trump-Short-Code-88022-Example-4

What then happens if any US resident does Text “Trump”to 88022 from his mobile phone?

Find the snapshot flow:


Once the text “Trump” hits the receiving number code 88022, an auto-response SMS goes back to the sender with an instruction, this case asking the sender to reply with his Zip code to Help Make America Great.

Thereafter a further auto-response SMS is sent to the sender confirming his subscription.

This entire sequence of events is described as A Subscription Optin Process.


But why would Trump’s campaign team request for the Zip code of their supporters?

An interesting question right? Of course that is where their campaigning success lies.


By collecting Zip codes it allows them sort their supporters by state and city, hence they can easily give a prompt mobilization alert prior to their campaign rally to the city or state.


Brilliant you will say.


It is no news that SMS Mobile Marketing has the Magic Response to all business needs, especially so with a further mix of SMS Short code.


What Really is SMS Short Code?

SMS Short Code is any 5 to 6 digit number that has been setup for a 2-way messaging service on a given mobile operator carrier orĀ  interoperated across several mobile operator carriers.

Basically we have two (2) deployment structures for an SMS Short Code Setup:

  • Dedicated SMS Short Code
  • Shared SMS Short Code

Dedicated SMS Short Code is usually expensive to setup with a monthly recurring service charge required, belonging to just a business brand to care for all its liabilities.

However a Shared SMS Short Code is quite affordable for any small, medium enterprise to setup and its serviced by several businesses or brand owners with an SMS provider serving as a Service Manager.

A commom term associated with the SMS Short Code 2-way messaging connectivity is Keyword.

Keyword – This is the unique campaign identifier, which is often dedicated to a campaign. In the case of Donald J. Trump, his unique campaign identifier is the word: “Trump” which is what would be compose as a text and sent to 88022 for the recipient mobile operator’s server to recongnize.

Other associated terms in the SMS Short Code 2-way messaging are MO and MT, what do they stand for?

MOMobile Originated (SMS messages that are composed by an individual from his mobile phone)

MTMobile Terminated (SMS messages that leave from the mobile operator server into your mobile inbox)



SMS Short Code is a proven Mobile Marketing tool that has given several businesses in sales of product/services and political influence penetration a Magic Leap.

Do you know you can use SMS Short Code in all kinds of business, be it a salon, comestic shop, online store, & etc?

Do you know that SMS Short Code allows you to build your customers list for instant conversion?

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Do you kow that a Nigerian Custom Made SMS Short Code Portal is accessible to you with much profit to you?

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