Website and Blog Where is The Confusion?

Sometimes get confused, what’s the difference between a Website and a Blog?


Following my just concluded empowerment training, Mr Fubara Gideon and a few others asked:

“What is really the difference between a website and a blog? Are they not the same?”

I smiled and quickly added: “A blog is a Website!”

Then I asked: “Are all websites blogs?”

Silence quickly fell in with a calm smile….

… so i went on to explain:

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What A Website Is:

A Website which could also be rendered as Web Site or just Site is any arrangement of document file(s) presented in either plain text or well styled format content with mutimedia, saved with either of the file extensions .html, .xhtml or .php on a computer called a Web Server.

This computer (Web Server) is usually accessible by the wide public through an internet with a unique address called the website address or the domain address, i.e: using a web browser of either a computer, tab or mobile phone.

Hence I could say that all Blogs are Websites!


How to easily identify when a Website is just a Website:

  • A Homepage that displays several contents arranged in block styles.
  • Content is static.
  • Style of writing is formal/professional.
  • Most often presented as one-way communication.
  • Communication about products and/or services.
  • Transactional
  • A Blog might be part of a website, but not the main focus


So what makes the difference between a Website and a Blog?


What A Blog Is:

A Blog was originally referred to as ‘weblog’, until one guy wittily said on his page: “We Blog”, breaking off the original rendering of web/log, which gave birth to the term ‘Blog’.

Don’t ask me which guy….

Anyway his name is Peter Merholz (Wikipedia)

Following the earlier term ‘weblog’,  it suggest that this kind of website was primarily focused at keeping records of more frequent web contents or activities. These frequent contents or activities are known as ‘Posts’.

So with a Blog, posts are usually arranged in reverse chronological order, making the most recent post to always appear at the top of previous posts.

Blogs are always informative, attempts to pass on knowledge to a large interested participating public who are offered the opportunity to interact through a comment function, which takes up a discussion pattern.


How to easily identify when a Website is a Blog:

  • Reverse chronological listing of blog posts.
  • Content is regularly updated.
  • Style of writing is not formal and may not necessarily be professional.
  • Interactive.
  • Informative and educational.
  • Interactivity about industry/customer issues.
  • Blog posts are archived by date, categories, sub-categories, tags



What truly makes the difference between with a Website and a Blog is the style of content presentation to the public. While website is a straightforward content rendering that is one-way communication, a Blog attempts to engage the public to discuss and comment on the subject presented, always in an arranged order.

Again, All Blogs are Websites, but not all Websites are Blogs!


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