The Thumb Rule In Choosing a Busness Name For Your New Web Hosting Business!

imagesEveryday we invest time, energy and even financial resources into activities with the prospect of getting positive or profitable outcome. The expectation heightens with Business venture! It is not speculative then if we turn our attention to seemingly trivial concerns that should matter the most as they form the building blocks to our success story in our online business venture.

In the business world you must strive to keep up to speed with the industry because there are competitors, either you are getting into the industry to become a threat to competitor’s client loyalty or you are just stepping into the industry to build upon and become a strength and a beacon in the industry. Whichever the situation being competitive and remaining so in the industry is a factor of how many persons know you or your brand in the market, this too is a function of how well you or your brand could be heard or seen!

Giving serious consideration to your choice of Business name and your web identity, i.e you domain is a first step in your Web Hosting Business Plan.this is quite important because a recent survey we conducted shows that many Nigerian entrepreneurs just choose name at a spur without going through the dynamics of the system.

Permit me to quickly highlight 4 points you should consider while contemplating on the business name to come up with for your Web Hosting Business.

1 –  Appropriate Naming:  Remember you are in  business to be known and be heard so you still remain in business, hence considering making your Name Search Engine (SEO) Friendly should be a strong thought. Choose a name that points to your industry so you can get to any person about your business effortlessly. Doing this will allow search bot to easily crawl to your site and this expands your visibility in the web world. Whatever you may chose to come up with it will be effective if you have a prefix or suffix with the word ‘HOST’ as seen in, and

2 – Domain not Available then any Name : Often it is quite disheartening when you have overtime carefully thought out a name and promised yourself that this shall become my brand, only for you to go online and search for domain availability and discover that it is not available. Should you then force yourself to setup a business name base on an available domain? NO!

The  fact is, you can have a business name entirely different from your domain name. That shouldn’t stop you from choosing a business name that you want to register. You can go ahead and register the business name of your choice and then choose a domain, which is similar, if not exactly the same, and consider adding the word “hosting” in the domain name to make it SEO-friendly. The best example again would be InMotion Hosting, where adding the term “hosting” to InMotion clearly signifies the line of business of the company.

3 – An Aged Domain: If you have intention of going online someday but don’t really have the means to do so now, not as if its too expensive but you can further save yourself the trouble of not starting something at all by just registering for a domain name for a year or two. This is so recommended because it makes your business appears as though its being long in the industry as at anytime in future you would become prepared. Some persons go as far as buying a domain name that has been registered few years ago. It may be little costlier compared to registering a new domain name, but it would be worth it. Anytime you approach a client they would be interested to know since how long you have been in business; while if they ask you this up front you should be transparent and tell the facts. But many a times, clients go through “Who Is” records to know if the business is old enough or not. This is exactly where you can score big if your domain is say 10 years old. Clients don’t like seeing a newly registered domain, and giving big business to such new companies due to lack of faith.

4 – Why Get It Complicated: Don’t choose a company name or domain name that is very complicated or has higher chances of being misheard or misspelled. Consider picking a rather simple and resonant name that can be easily recalled by people whenever they want to purchase a hosting package or register a new domain.

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  • Oluwabamise

    February 5, 2014 @ 7:46 pm

    This is good. It shows the way forward for the newbie to know what he should do while setting out. Thanks

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