The Leverage that Comes with Web Hosting!

[highlight]Don’t miss the leverage that comes with Web Hosting![/highlight]

I mentioned in my last post that many newbies of web designers or developers just get excited with their charge pay that they only think of what new ostentatious item they buy upon delivering projects to clients. These ones fail to have the foresight that web designing or developing is just far from being a skill but they can make it become their business and groom it in that regards.

[highlight]Make A Business Out Of Your Skills![/highlight]

As web designer/developer no doubt you may have handled projects for more than 2 or more clients now, and most often what you think is how to cut around corners so that the project you charged for N30,000 you could make good net gain after your expenses on resources to put up the project. And at such times you start googling to find the cheapest web host provider to could allow you pay N5000/year or less so could make the desired profit margin.

Guess What?

[highlight]You are already set-out with a wrong mindset in the industry![/highlight] Often this mindset continues for a long time into couple of years and you don’t get bothered with settling for less with your web host provider because you think you are delivering your clients projects and making good money.

But wait, check this out if in less than 6 months you were able to get 4 projects even more, with your  mindset you so far have invested  N20,000 with limitation on web hosting. What are you now thinking?

Maybe I show something more surpassing!

Many serious players in the web industry are in for business, and they work and invest to remain in business. That should become your mindset. Having such mindset will furnish you with the needed foresight at every opportunity in the industry that present itself. The N20,000 you have just invested for web hosting with large limitations would have become a springboard for you to venture into the web hosting services as well and this is a sum you can make from just a project and get yourself well positioned in the industry for even more better streams of income.

Does it not fascinate you to become a web service provider for which other web designer/developer depend on. Don’t wait until you think you should have done this earlier than now.

Getting a web hosting platform that is just right for you is not a problem anymore because [highlight]HostJara Automated Reseller Web Hosting[/highlight] does it all for you with sterling support services and guide till you grow your business.

I am ready to support you with whatever you may need to make a success in this industry, you have a thought in mind now, share it lets start from there.


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