Owning Just A Business Shop Vs. Owning A Website

A business shop in this context is any hired or built business structure for an office for corporate activities…

… or Mama Nkechi’s store.

Usually what comes to mind when sourcing for a shop space is its commercial viability and easy accessibility.

Thereafter you think about how well to brand the office to become appealing to customers/client and prospects,


Mama Nkechi on the other hand thinks of how well to stock her store so that Immediate Neighbours and friends

do not find a reason to complain of any lacking needs.

Just hold….

The above is a summary of a typical ‘Shop Structured’ driven Business!

Trust you were smart to identify the associated challenges or limitations with just shop-driven business.


Challenge 1: Concern For A Good Location

Challenge 2: Concern For A Good Brand Image

Challenge 3: Sales Limited to Immediate Audience


Sure you can go ahead to add other perceived challenges through your comment.


How about a Business Model that is not affected by any of the above mentioned Challenges…

But Rather Provides you with Endless Exponential Benefits?


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See why a Website Rocks Every Business:



Imagine your business being everywhere at anytime, that is what the Website location in this case is your URL ( Uniform Resource Locator) commonly called the Domain which either or not preceeds with ‘www’.

When you say your business is accessible 24/7 then you are not wrong with such a boast.

Because with a website that is form-driven or has a live support system, your business prospects can drop their

enquiries or sales request awaiting you to process and deliver. Smart Money Making System!

With a Website you would not just be known in Onitsha market, Upper Iweka, or Mile 1 Market

Anyone can Reach You from any Part of The World.


Brand Image

This is the thought you have successfully built around your business on the minds of your customers/clients and prospect. This is a total personality and value perceived from your brand through several activities.

Only a Website can allow you to keep proper records of your business activities, more so if you add a mix of blogging as the smart business owners do. With blogging you update your content quite often which improves your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this is very important to allow your business to be easily known without much effort from your end.


Imagine Mama Nkechi being able to attend to 1,000 customers all at once, customers showing interest to pay for her goods, i fear if  Mama Nkechi will not collapse at the very moment.

Your Website has the Ability to attend to more than 100,000 prospects who don’t need to be on a queue to make requests for your service or product. All You need to ensure is to have sufficient or Unlimited Bandwidth Assigned to your Website.



The Benefits a Website adds to Your Business can Never be over emphasized. You need a Website to Say You Are truly doing Business in This World.


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Do you know of any other better way than owning a Website to Improve Your Business Sales? You can share using the Comment tool.

You can read further about Behind The Scene of Website by Clicking .

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