The Online Money Hustle And You!

The word “Hustle” evoke different thoughts with different people. I could recall when I used the expression, we are just still hustling the industry, and to my colleague, he never felt as though the choice of word hustle was cool to describe our online activities.


To  him saying we are hustling the industry appeared as though we are just still struggling, not getting the results!

So he is always like, guy i no dey hustle oh… i am rocking it!


Now you get his point.


Becoming a player in any industry, you have to hustle with guts and vigor, that’s my drive.

The hustling thought  makes sense to me more whenever I reflect on Abraham Lincoln saying: [easy-tweet tweet=”Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” user=”joshua_ajohnson” hashtags=”#MobileJaraApp”]

Are You Getting Results?
How you measure result may differ from mine. But here is the standard I go with: Results lies in your first cause of taking the required action, then comes the reward, in this case, could be the gradual raining in of some little money or relevance in the industry.
Let’s get more practical:
You may have been told or read somewhere that there is so much money to be made online, and that has shaped your thinking for a while, you are now in quest of the best Online business to start.
You’ve attended several seminars, workshops and possibly read a blog post or watched video training of a nice online business to start, now time to take action – The hatching of the business model as your Online business!
For me, your results start counting in the Doing!
Hatching an online business you’ve nurtured starts with you creating your presence, which could either mean you having a website/portal or owning an online account with an already existing servicing portal.
This is your result springboard stage, because opportunity is like a moving vechicle that only stops by when you beacon or intercept.
When you have an online business you have in a sense stationed a beacon, signaling all opportunties within your servicing industry that you could be of help to them.
The Hustle to Make Money from Your Online Business
Making money from your newly established  online business, this is were the Exit and Rocking thin line lies.
It is at this point you begin to question the very reason that got you to venture into the business, if the industry or business type was unduly hyped that got you racing into it. It is also at this point when you start getting the money reward that you feel fly… you start feeling the rocking mood.
In a recent post on Toyin Omotoso blog by Ronald Nzimora on the MMM business model, someone reacted as seen:
From the above can you try to picture what may have happened to Okere Chimuaya, who is now trying to find fault with a thriving business model that Toyin Omotoso is already hustling and rocking?
No doubts you may also picture Okere venturing into the Importation business, but not getting it juicy as he may have been told or imagined.
The question I keep to ask Okere would be, how he went about hustling the market to make the money from the business, did he apply and perfect on all that he was told and shown?
After the business lies the market hustling!
Hustling the Market
Most online businesses are product or service driven business models, hence the Money is in your market Reach. Getting your prospect to pay money for your product or service further depends on your creativity along with the market formulas.
 Here is a proven market formula which I try to keep on check:
I stand to challenge you that with concerted effort you can’t do the above activities with your newly established Online Business and not get a Smiling Results.
The next time you attend a business seminar, workshop or watch a training video course find out what is it that the person is doing to acquire and keep clients that keeps his business running, or better still tap into his style of online business hustling.
I have come to know that making money online comes with Hustling with guts and vigor!
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