How To Setup An SMS Voting Campaign Like Big Brother Show

Most persons wonder if they could get a large audience of persons who would willingly want to spend their money to vote when they host an SMS campaign.

The media vibes during April, got many Nigerians talking and were willing investing their money into acquiring airtime credits which they used up personally and shared with friends just to support their special one.

I believe you are already connecting with that now,

The birth of Efenation!


The Big Brother Naija was inexcusably a blast in its maiden show, giving most persons a social subject for discussion and engagement.


Guest what?  I just discovered a secret to get people want to spend money voting with SMS.

Before I go ahead, consider this:

The just concluded Big Brother Naija got a peak of about 11 million Nigerians voting to keep their favourite housemate at the eviction showdown that got Bisola shut, while the final show campaign that emerged Efenation with 57% of about 26 million votes from Nigerians.

The Interest?

Big Brother Naija had Premium SMS Short Code setup for the show with a tariff of N30 for every SMS vote. Imagine how much gross revenue the show must have raked in:

11 Nillion X N30 = N330 Million  Eviction Campaign

26 Million X N30 = N780 Million Final Campaign

A staggering 1 billion Naira was apparently grossed, if just 10% of the calculated revenue was shared to Big Brother Naija Show Organizers, they would have bagged about 100 million Naira from a show that lasted for just 11 weeks.

Do you have an event that could be as engaging as Big Brother show?

Can you rather become the next goto service provider that can effectively setup SMS Voting campaigns that would have organizers running to you?

My secret:

I have personally been struggling with the thoughts of setting up a nation gripping sms campaign, but recently I just learnt that I must not have a nation engaging sms campaign like Big Brother show before I can make the money from the ever potent sms industry.

Trendy Birds Celebrity Magazine celebrating Womanhood just concluded her 8 women participants competition to select her ambassadors, which was contracted to

This was how they performed:

How to Setup SMS Short Code Vote with

Participant 005 had about: 95,601 Votes, while

participant 007 had about: 96, 233 Votes.

I was left speechless with such high performance from a supposely small or in-house event like theirs, so i did some check and discovered the human mind at work!

The women had previously involved in a fashion skill competition that left some of the well connected ones with no friendly score, so when it got to the final selection campaign through SMS Voting that lasted for 30 days, it was now time for the well connected ones to use their loyal fan base of family, friends and well wishers to slam themselves in.

Guess how much they grossed at the end of the campaign?

Watch the video to see how they grossed about 7 million Naira in Just 30 days!


The secret: You can tap into the human psychology and reverse an event that will trigger any selected group to want to defend their relevance at any given time with their resources, while you are also making yours.


How Then Can I Start Setting Up This Service for People?


Of course when you google for sms short code providers you will find a handful of such which you can start up with.

The interest has not always been just sms short code connectivity, but a robust service driven solution around sms short code connectivity which is why am in love with the brand.

You can follow this free course to have a detailed hands on guide at:

Watch how you can setup such campaigns in less than 5minutes from this video:


To Think About:

There are several uncovered ideas to milling money from the SMS Short Code industry which you can only be located by small and big brands to help them out with such integration if you hurry now to acquire the free flowing sort after know-how.

You can jumpstart you way by grabbing the limited special deal offer at

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