How company Staff Layoffs is Increasing Dependence on Surveillance Technology

With the persistent economic meltdown not just in Nigeria, most companies are already downsizing, laying-off several staffs, with management anticipation that a well harnessed, technology deployed process, can fill the vaccuum leaving them not to spend further on caring for the required human labour force.

Corporate Organizations are Now Turning to Technology Solutions to allow them get More Done with Reduce Human intervention.

Companies are faced with the challenge of fully optimizing the potential of their few retained staffs to ensure they get the most from them.

This is were Your Very Simple Skill of Setting Up a CCTV Surveillance System Generates Money for You from several coporate organizations.

While CEOs & MDs leaves their offices to go hustle for Contract deals which allows them cater for the organization bills they also want to ensure that their few retained staffs don’t loiter at their businesses.

Imagine a CEO of a company been able to peep into his secretary’s, or accountant’s office to check up with their activities while been driven through a busy traffic road to catch up with a business appointment.

What a Remote way of keeping on check with your staffs!

CCTV camera that is setup for Surveillance is always made public (except otherwise on a Spy purpose) so that whoever is under watch has the consciousness to always be of good conduct.

Do You Know that most CCTV technicians charge a minimum range of N5000 to N10,000 per Surveillance Camera setup, outside other monies they will make as mark-up from buying the cameras and accessories?

Do You Know that setting up a CCTV camera for surveillance is very easy, as easy as been able to buy your new television and DVD player and making it play for the first time?

Setting up CCTV Camera for surveillance requires just three (3) basic systems, which are:

  • The different kind of cameras you would want to use,
  • The Digital Video Recorder System(DVR) or Network Video Recorder System(NVR), and
  • The Viewing System ( Remote & Local)

In Just some few dedicated hours of Showing You How the Live Setup is Done, You Can Start Installing CCTV Yourself.

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