Holy Grail Of Reseller Web Hosting Business


If it’s a C-panel based hosting  platform, what you will see inside your reseller account will be similar to the screen shots shown in the rest of this  report. HostJara has C-panel based Platform for Resellers Account and Customers and Support yet Another Custom base platform for Single Hosting too.


Once  you  have  the  details  of  your  login,  it  is  time  to  setup  your  hosting business. Once again, I assume your account is C-panel based.

Login to your C-panel and you should be confronted with an outlook like the one  below.  It is  called  your  Webhost  Manager  (WHM)  and  you  control everything from here.

You will create webhosting packages here  in  preparation  for  your  clients  and this brings me to the issue of discussing profitability in this business.

Assume that you purchased an Unlimited   Hosting Space with HostJara.com

Hosting account goes for  NGN45,000 for the year. With  all  the  business  building  tools included!

Now you can decide to divide your Unlimited space into as many smaller parts as you want or you can still satisfy your customers by providing them with Unlimited Offers too.

 For example;

Imagine you having a target of Setting Up 50 Accounts before the end of the year.

You have to liberty to assign your pricing.

You have just decided to signup your Reseller Users for NGN30,000 so you drive more traffic.

With your first 25 user account signups you are already a way close to a millionaire with just NGN45,000 startup.

First 25 accounts signup by you raised NGN750,000 just like that into your Bank Account.

Then your Next lap ended you with NGN1,500,000, ie. 1.5 Million Rocking your Account. When was the Last time you had 1.5 million naira just from a profit margin.

Remember you are not Limited to just 50 accounts, with the right Marketing Magic you can Get even your first 50 accounts and more before the first quarter of your startup.

Again, if you charge  NGN1,600/month  from customers just to setup single Hosting for them, how much profit? I.e  like NGN19,200 a year, and you happen to raise another 20 to 30 customers there , with an average of 25 customers you are making NGN480,000.

Still with HostJara you can Choose to Decide what Percentage interest You make from each Domain name Signup through your Site or from other Resellers you have Signed-up. What a Potential! Jump into this 3 Profit Channel opportunity and You won’t regret you did!

That is how profitable webhosting could be!


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