Facebook App Privacy Policy URL HACK

Recently is mandatory to always provide a public privacy policy url to any Facebook App you create from the Facebook developers center: https://developers.facebook.com


What really is Facebook App, would I ever have a need for it?


Yes probably have been using one already, perhaps on your website linked to a plugin which you installed to help you share content on your Facebook Timeline, pages, Friend’s timeline, or that which you enabled to allow users to be able to login to your website using their Facebook credentials, the list can be on and on.


So Facebook App is a canvas software created within the Facebook framework, usually from https://developers.facebook.com when login with your facebook account, it provides a wide range of capabilities with your facebook account within a third party software.


The fact is some persons who maybe needing it for the first time am having challenges with figuring out how to quickly provide the privacy policy url required by facebook before letting your app goes public.


Find here a smart web tool i use to quickly setup a Privacy policy url for facebook instead of having to pay a lawyer and go through the pains of crafting the actual privacy policy page:




No doubt there are tons of other tools, the above has been my recent goto tool which i trust you would find it a good experience, certainly I would appreciate your experience if you chose to share other wonderful tools like it by your comment.



How To Generate Your Privacy Policy With Termsfeed.com Without Paying A Dime:



Step 1: Goto www.termsfeed.com, click on Generate Privacy Policy Link


Step 2: Click On the Link Start The Privacy Policy Generator



Step 3: Select the Website Icon, then Click on The Next Step Link



Step 4: Next Fill up your personal details on the form fields, the Website URL shall be the website with which you want to connect your facebook app to.




Step 5: Here is a further Hack on Termsfeed, In other not to pay any dime ensure skipping all options that has a price tag on it as that’s the way termsfeed monetize their services, then click Next Step.



Step 6: At this stage you are ready to get your newly generated policy statement, but you will need to provide an email which it would be sent to, then click on Generate My Privacy Policy Link.



The next page shows you the preview of your Generated Privacy Policy Page and The URL Link which You are required to copy and Paste on the Facebook App Policy Form Field.


Here is a quick Video Guide to help you further:




Facebook App Privacy Policy URL requirement is one way facebook ensures that users details shared with other third party website or software through the  facebook content interchange are protected, so don’t feel its too complicated to get it done the next time you need to use a facebook app to get connected to your website plugin or any other web tool of your need.


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