Do You Frown At Internet Marketers Who Show Off?

Am really not excited writing this post as I would have been should I have had a snapshot of a heated argument on facebook sometime last 3 months, were some Nigerians expressed their disdain with Internet Marketers Showing off…


There were a whole lot of various opinion and funny stuff which I trust would have triggered your take on the debate, I tried fetching the thread from the host feed wall… unfortunately it was already dropped.


The gist was about a cross section of Nigerians feeling bad about Internet Marketers who post about their earnings, cash inflow, newly acquired gadgets, cars,homes, their vacation experience and the likes, describing it as childish not showing maturity… went as far as trying to contrast Internet Marketers with other professional career individuals like bankers, engineers, doctors and so, who don’t really dwell on such.

Ah… I believe you are already trying to create a picture in your mind now, don’t get me Wrong Yet!

… before you try guessing what my take is or what i’ve got to add to that, let me hear from you.

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From the argument something interesting really caught my attention, the very contrast of the ‘professional driven career people’ to the ‘Internet Marketers’.Something was so true about the observation of some persons who were against Internet Marketers showing off.


Wait, think about this;

Hardly you would find a bank manager, head of department in a well to do multinational company  mail and post about their material achievement or declare their earnings.

Again this very thought made me to want to question our parents, why were our parents concern with the kind of profession or university course of study we want to venture into.

I don’t know if you could connect with any moment in history your mom or dad tried mentioning an uncle or aunt of yours, even a neighbour, telling how they are comfortable because of their profession hence compelling you to take after them.

In most homes parents already allocate what each born of the family would study at school to become a certain professional in the society.


What’s my point?


[easy-tweet tweet=”Long in history most human decisions has been driven by Social Proof!”]

A dad want’s his first son to become a medical doctor or an engineer, because he may had over time observed this profession to be financially secured following either his brother’s son or a friend in the neighbourhood who is doing well from such profession, who possibly has gradually gotten a car, a home and takes care of other concerns well through the profession, then unconsciously he admires and then resolved in his heart to have someone who will do same.

Professional career driven person happens to find himself or herself in an industry that has a long societal Social Proof,

But for an Internet Marketer, he is a sole entity that needs to incite you to admire or more like provoke you to jealous his profession or activities. Interestingly that is were his wealth lies.

This Online Stunts most Internet Marketers do it consciously! Though there is always a risk to this as It may turn-off a good number of persons.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is an element of psychological persuasion, it is in fact a psychological hack that triggers you to buy most products and services from that Internet Marketer who promotes such.

Though Social Proof could be presented in different forms but the intent most times is to drive you to take a buy decision.

So the aspect of the social proof which most internet marketers focus on, on  social media is described as Lifestyle Marketing, and I guess that is what you frown about most times.

Some persons has a way of swaying it in a subtle tone, see how Yaro did it in his recent mail:



Whenever an Internet Market post his new achievement on Social Media don’t feel too bad about it because he or she commands some sales to his products and services he promotes, it’s called Lifestyle Marketing, which is a psychological hack that works on most persons and cause them to buy things they may ordinarily not want…lol… that’s were his wealth lies.

Can you share that thought of yours about this subject by using the comment box below this post.



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