Credibility Online – Where To Get The Certification!

Getting started online has created enough trend storm that many persons are already quitting from their salary paid Job to start up an Online Base business of their own! The thought of venturing into an online business is no doubt exciting, especially when you have a model or mentor  you are following…

The mental Picture is always like:

Yea he published that with his Online Money Making System He Makes Over N450,000 Monthly! N450,000 Monthly keeps popping to mind compared with your present glorified N50,000 or N150,000 as Salary, You then rationalized to calm your uncontrolled excitement of same success by saying…I don’t even need up to the acclaimed N450,000 If only I could be making Steady N150,000 to N200,000 Monthly without being Called By a Boss, then am Made!

Often your excited expectations gradually dampens when you are not hitting your projected target as did acclaimed by your model or system you’ve  chosen to follow or duplicate.

But Should You Give Up?

The Secrete You Have Not Come To Learn Yet, is that Your Model or Mentor You Follow has over time Built a System of Online Credibility for Himself or Brand, That is Why Things Our Working Out well as he acclaimed.

Some few years ago when I embraced building an Online Brand, I almost Kicked off Myself from the System some Few Months ago when My Projected Expectations Where Not Falling Into Place.

But Guess What Happened?

I Pioneered the First Ever Security Gadget Installation Boot Camp, presenting it  from an Internet Marketer Perspective and it yielded Results.

Today I have entered into 4 contracts with Well meaning brands in the Country that will run for a year and more, as am Posting this am already preparing a TV Commercials for One of my Biggest Partner Who is a Politician, a Retired Federal Government Security Agent and Now a Friend. The First Ever Nigerian Guided Video DVD of the Security Boot Camp to Guide Anyone into CCTV/IP Camera Security Installation of All Kinds and Connecting With Manufacturers to Start Importing Would be Made Available Soon With Jumia, Konga and SMEMarketHub by GTBank. From the 16th of March through 19th of March, 2015 I shall be at Abuja Anchoring On Skill Driven Ways of Making Money Online, A Federal Government Sponsored Program, Shall be updating You Accordingly:


How did I Get Here?

No other means but being persistent and Building an Online Credibility Stamp For Myself!

What I have learned through this short period is that people will pay for Anything when it comes from someone who has Results.

This is why I believe you should never worry about your lack of qualifications or formal training – what matters is whether you have actually helped anyone.

If people have come to you for help in the past and you’ve contributed in any way to them experiencing a Positive change, then that is your CERTIFICATION.

What Results Do You Have?

I suggest you stop right now and think about your answers to these two questions…

  1. Has anyone ever benefited from your advice?
  2. Have you personally experienced a story of success?

If you have any such experience, why hesitate from dropping You Comment Here and See How You Build You Own Online Credibility.


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