3 Must Done Setups To Start Earning 3 to 5 Fig From Digital Entrepreneurship

Hey, Is obvious you are also in a journey of the laptop lifestyle, for stopping by to read this post.

Perhaps you are a pro, already making some cool figures for yourself, it would be kind if you contribute to assisting others who would be coming down to this post with your 3min comment share below, on your experience and the excitement so far and your major area of digital hustle.

Sure the laptop lifestyle is a Fun paying HUSTLE!

It will be modest to also admit that the journey will certainly cost you some energy, time and some financial commitment… But not to worry, am here for you to take off some known huddles…

In the words of Dan Lok, ‘to be successful online, you must spend time to do the setups.”


Getting the Setup Concept more practical, picture Dan Lok, in his small Asian town, ready to start a business were prospect would want his services or choose to buy a product or an item that he sells… now tell me…won’t Dan Lok, need a contact point where he can showcase and persuade with his prospect to finally trust him with their money so he offers his services or make payment for a product they want to buy from him?

Imagine Dan Lok, going to sort for a well positioned Office space or just a store front stand so his prospect could get to know about what he does or offers..

That’s logically sound, right?

Good, the planning process and the actual contact point implementation is The required SETUP!

But you know what?

As a Digital Entrepreneur you, you hustle in total FREEDOM…

you are not required to own or rent a Mortar and Bricks office furnish with gems to get started.

So what has held you back this far from getting your setups done, to earning your steady 3 to 5 figures.

Here are the 3 Must Done Setups If You Ever Admired Becoming a 3 to 5 figure Digital Entrepreneur:

1 – Rent A Cloud Space

You sure need a website, so if you have been contemplating or you have been wishfully planning , is now time to get one up, cause that’s were your earnings lies…

I can see the thought running in your mind now…like do I need a Website or A Blog?

Hey, a website is a website.. a blog is also a website…

But to clear the air a bit…the style of Content presentation varies from one website to another, hence the birth of a specialized name or title like blog emerged.

so when you have a website were content are presented in a chronological or periodic style with personal or brand tone of writing we call that a BLOG,

When you have a website that focuses more on Videos, be it personal outreach or brand focus we call it a VBlog,

On the other hand when you have a website that focuses on testing and writing review about other peoples product to win you sales, we call such REVIEW BLOG,

When you have a website that doesn’t have navigation menu bar, but focuses on talking or pitching convincingly about a particular product with the sole intent to make you purchase the product, we called it SALES PAGE or LANDING PAGE,

When you have a website that targets at strategically grabbing peoples name and email addresses without any further distraction on the page we call it a SQUEEZE PAGE.

And when you have a website that focuses on your general services, portfolio, quote forms and the likes, we call that an AGENCY WEBSITE.

Interestingly you could have all of the above mentioned website type in just a setup, and then branch out each page or website to your set goal.

But to successfully setup any of the above, like mentioned, you need to rent a Space, which is called Web hosting, meaning you need to buy a web hosting plan from a reputable provider, who will allocate a space with a unique choice name called Domain.

If you are just starting I will recommend you go for a cost friendly plan that might allow you to host an unlimited number of Domains or Websites. Here are some partners I have personally worked with in the past years: TMDHosting, Namecheap and 10XHosting.

So, not to worry in a follow up series to this post am going to share you a practical video on what and how to go about setting up the website environment…. Let’s now go over to the second setup most done ..

2 – Build and Furnish your Digital Office

Certainly you don’t to be a professional designer or a web developer to get one done yourself, in the follow up series am going to guide you in getting it done and you experience the satisfaction of knowing that what you thought was that a big deal… you got it done yourself.

Definitely there are several software in the space that has been crafted to make life a lot easier and smarter for our digital hustle. The category of such software is called CMS, meaning Content Management System.

Top in the list is called WordPress, trust you are not seeing that word for the first time, right?

WordPress has really given us a happy ending result on our digital journey as you will soon be experiencing.

With wordpress you can achieve any of your website choice goal with stunning designs when you work with the right themes, you get your website well furnished like you would do your traditional office space. In the follow up post series you will find the practical to video of how we have been getting it done behind the scene during these past years.

Eventually when you get your website up what more are you expected to setup? Let the 3rd most done setup take it up from here…

3 – Announce and establish communication channels for your brand

I believe you already know what is expected of you at this stage,

If its an agency website or a blog you are required to push a sizable traffic the much you can do to your website.

Easiest way to get this done is to always integrate Social media plugins that connects to your personal social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Doing this allows you to always share your website or blog post to be seen by friends and family which you could also encourage to further share, so doing you are gradually going viral.

Why social media plugin integration are necessary, you ultimately need to integrate an Email grabbing system, which allows you to building list of persons you could call my own, and that is where the hustle gets more interesting, cause a loyal list is a Blessing…later you ask me how? …lol

Some good service providers I have personally used with email collections are: Hubspot forms, Mailchimp, Getresponse and Activecampaign, these guys have forms script and plugins you can easily integrate on your website and pop…you start catching emails of people that stop by to check out your website.

But you need to also know, that there is a psychological bait required to make your visitors share you their active mail. Sure in a follow up series am going to reveal all of that to you, but first things first get these setups done to get ready to start earning.


You need to get your setups done properly, you can’t say you are a digital entrepreneur and you don’t have a website of your own that promotes your brand or cause.

Hey get (1) web hosting account, (2) design your website or blog and (3) integrate your social media accounts to your website to share your site to drive traffic, also get email forms to grab email addresses of visitors you can always get them to listen to you and come back to your website.

These makes for your basic setup requirement in any niche of the Digital Entrepreneurship you want to major, be it ecom, affiliate marketing or product creation and launching you do need these basic foundation to set out well.

Hey don’t forget to tell me what you think about this article with your kind comments.

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  • Michael Camire

    May 9, 2019 @ 11:15 am

    This was very informative for start up, thank you. My issue is to find how to set up PLR, what changes need to be done, set up pay buttons etc., and if do this using sub domains. Looking forward to the next blog post.

  • proinsight

    December 22, 2020 @ 10:23 pm


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