11 Steps to Avoid The worries of Default Webmails for your Website or Client’s.


Have you always had the worries of what webmail to go with for your domain?

As a designer or developer have you always had to access your domain’s email account through either of these options:




…after you may have contended with the mix thoughts of which webmail client to enable as default following your email account setup process.

Maybe a snapshot will help trigger those thoughts again:



For me a webmail client appearance has always been a chronic concern that has almost scared me from ever attempting to use the SquirrelMail webmail client though one of the earliest goto option.

Yea to me any solution appealing to my visual sense along with great functions, has always been a catch!

Horde webmail client a nice option I would want to give a 2nd place….

However my most sort after option in the collection has always been Roundcube webmail, which I’ve also observed to be most designers and developers choice.

In recent years I have settled for a game changer option!

The journey started with a free email customized service offered by google, which allows a domain owner to route it’s mail signal through the google server with the allowance for 10 free email accounts, with subsequent accounts going for a monthly dollar token.

I secured some email accounts for my proinsight.com.ng domain, which I have been enjoying great experience till date like I would with the regular gmail privileges.

The Sad Truth is that Google No Longer Offers The Free Email Account Customization!

The Goodnews!

In recent months over 50 clients of mine are happy using an Enterprise Business Class Email Solution, am quite excited to share you this solution, which has been a source of income for my business as well. You know how the twist goes; “..pay N5000 for every Premium Email Account Setup…” a little bargain, then the deal secured!


Is available for Free, let me also let it go to you for Free, though I expended some resources to get at it.

Here are the 11 Steps:

Step 1:

Goto: www.zoho.com to signup an account, as shown from the red marked section of the snapshot below. Note your provided choice email here shall become your primary access email login to this platform which you can always use to customize other details thereafter:



Step 2:

Select Mail option from this displayed list of products, as seen below:


Step 3:

Select Lite option which is Free from the displayed list of License offers, as seen below:



Step 4:

Now time to initiate linking your choice domain, Type in your already registered and hosted domain or running website address at the filed space provided, as seen below:

ZohoMail Hosting

Step 5:

At this next screen stage Click on “Setup ‘yourdomain.com’ in Zoho”, as seen below:



Step 6:

At this next Screen you are required to Select an option you would prefer to use in verifying that the provided domain name belongs to you, i recommend going with the Others option as marked below:



Step 7:

At the next screen select the HTML Method which is my favourite and fast option, kindly follow through the instructions as outlined:

ZohoSelectDomain Verify


Step 8:

The next screen instructs you on what to do  with “MX Records” at the Email Section of your  WebHosting cPanel, as shown:

ZohoSelecMX Records


Step 9:

At this stage you can go to the cPanel of your WebHost to Configure by Clicking on “MX Entry”:

MX Entry


Kindly fill-in the parameters provided at Step 8, as shown below:

MX Entry2


Step 10:

You can now switch back to your zoho Control Panel Dashboard page to start creating other accounts for your choice emails, as well as migrate previous emails if necessary:

Add Users


Step 11:

Customization is actually where corporate branding lies, at this stage you make your email client portal to resolve from your choice domain, having your required logo:

Here is how mine looks like if you type: http://mail.mobilejara.com



What to do:


Goto the the Control Panel Dashboard using the primary account.



Then Click on Image to Upload your choice Logo.




Again Goto the Domain Section of your Hosting cPanel and Click on Zone Editor, Add CNAME Record as shown:





I guess you’ve added a Tool to your web toolbox! With 11 Steps to Avoid The worries of Default Webmails for your Website or Client’s. Should you have any challenge or sad experience with systems like this, do share your experience or concerns.




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Of course with this email option you are taking load off your Server and truly offering clients a larger mail storage capacity against what your economy server may ordinary offer.

You recall the twist again; “..pay N5000 for every Premium Email Account Setup…” You can start charging your clients some added amount to upgrade or place their websites on this email provision.

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